• Flat Line Cold Plastic Road Marking Material
2-pack cold curing solvent free compound, based on acrylic resins for Spray and Screed Application of Cold Plastic.
PHighest durability
Very good adhesion on the road surface, also on concrete
Excellent Finish
Very good reflectivity
Especially designed for spray application in Cold Plastic
For Screed:
Brightness: Higher than 80 (Y-value)
Viscosity: Thick fluid compound
Specific Gravity: 1,9 g/cm3Skid
Resistance: Higher than 45 S.R.T.
Flashpoint: Lower than 21°C.
Storage Ability: At least 6 months stored in a cool place
Pot-life (mixed) 10 minutes Curing time 20 minutes at 30°C, 30 minutes at 20°C, 40 minutes at 10°C"

For Spray:
Density: 1,62 gram/cm3
Viscosity: 85 – 90 KU (spray viscosity)
Flashpoint: Below 21°C
Storage stability: min. 6 months (stored in a cool place) Temperature: The curing time is dependant on temperature and is about 10 minutes at 20°C
Do not use below 10°C
Systems used:
For Screed & Spray - 98:2 - 50:50
High Durability
Excellent Adhesion
Good Day and Night Visibility
High skid Resistance
Fast Drying Time
Applicator Friendly properties
Plastiline in 20Kg Cans
Hardners in plastic sachets
P6 months if stored in a cool place