• High Build Roll-On 2K Cold Plastic Material
2-pack coldcuring solvent free compound, based on acrylic resins for hand application
Easy to apply with texture roller
High Durability
Very good adhesion on the bitumen and concrete surfaces
Especially designed to accentuate bicycle-tracks and footpath's (Area identification markings)
Technical Characteristics:
Viscosity : Thick fluid compound
Density : Approx. 1.8 gram/cm3
Skid resistance : > 45 S.R.T.
Hardening time : Approx. 20 minutes by 30°C Approx. 30 minutes by 20oCApprox.
40 minutes by 10°C
Flashpoint : Approx. 10°C
Storage stability : At least 6 months if stored in a cool place
Mixing ratio : 1 sachets of hardener to 20 kg Plastitrak roll on base
Potlife (mixed) : 10 minutes by 20°C
Application Method:
Mark out the surface, which has to be marked / painted with self adhesive tape Mix the Plastitrak rolcoating with hardener and divide the material equally over the whole area Immediately after application the tape can be removed.
Spreading rate:
Approx. 1.5- 2.0 kg/m2 at 0.8 -1.2 mm thickness
Minimum application temperature 10°C
On dusty and sucking surfaces or fresh bituminous surfaces, we advise to apply EP PRIMER first
Weather Conditions:
Minimum application temperature 10°C
With Thinner recommended by Kataline
Please See material safety data sheet
20 kg cans of Plastitrak Roll on base
Hardener in plastic sachets
Standard Colours:
• Oxide red (±RAL3011)
• Signal red (±RAL3001)
• Traffic green (±RAL6024)
Other colours available on request and MOQ
International Specifications:
BS-EN 1436
According to IRC : 35-2015, Page 4, Clause 2.4 Subclause 2.4.2, Cold Applied plastic is more durable than thermoplastic markings in retaining original colour & luminance value. It can be applied to surface in variety of ways with a superior finishing and has no need of large application equipment and can be easily carried in a medium sized van and a trailer.