• Reflectomark is Reflective coating system for vertical surfaces
Reflectomark is an exterior durable coating system that is highly visible at night behind a light source such as vehicle's headlamps
For Reflectorizing any surface that is causing traffic hazard. It can be very effectively used on:
Metal beam crash barriers
Road Dividers
Median opening
Bridge Railings
Any metal, concrete, leather, wooden or rubber surface
Can be applied on complex contours & rough surfaces
More versatile and less expensive than adhesive based retro-reflective sheeting
Cannot be removed like the adhesive based retro-reflective sheet
Also can be made for use on leather and rubber where other reflective systems don't work
Surface Preparation:
Surface must be clean, dry and free from any contamination including dust dirt, oil, grease and curing agents
Particular attention should be given to ensuring the surface is free from salt, ice and moisture
Product Application:
Application is by spray or brush
Reflectomark shall be thoroughly mixed before use
Never pour onto the surface
The prepared surface must be covered with film of 40 micron thickness of well stirred Reflectomark coating system
It is always advisable to try a test area before proceeding with the main application
Reflectomark is supplied in 500 gm & 1 Kg Packs
Store in cool, dry, well ventilated place
Shelf life is 6 months under normal conditions
Colours Available: