• Thermoplastic Resin for Road Marking
Traffix Thermoplastic Pavement Marking Material is specially designed taking into account Indian traffic & climate conditions. The material can be manufactured to suit various weather & Traffic Conditions outside India too
TRAFFIX can be used on medium to heavily trafficked Asphalt or Concrete road Surfaces
High Durability
Excellent Adhesion
Good Day and Night Visibility
High skid Resistance
Fast Drying Time
High Softening Point
Applicator Friendly properties
Luminance: > 65
Drying Time: < 15 min.
Softening Point: > 115oC
Density: 1.9 - 2.1 gm / CC
Application Temp:
For Screed application: 160 - 200°C
For Extrusion application: 170 - 210°C
For Spray application: 180 - 220°C
Packaging and Storage:
Supplied in 25 kg HDPE Bag
Store the material in a dry area
Keep at room temperature
Shelf life is 12 months