Trakmark - DURA

  • High Solids Acrylic Road Marking Paints
A Highly Durable, fast drying, solvent-free acrylic emulsion line marking paint is designed for use on reasonably High Trafficked pavement surfaces in conjunction with Drop-On Glass Beads.
Solid Content : 60%
Minimum Density : 1.3 gm / cm3
Drying time : maximum 15min (No Pick up time) Application rate : By spraying 2.4 Sq mt. / Kg
Application Temp : Minimum 10°C
Application Humidity : Maximum 85°CPacking : 20 Kg
Confirms with IS 164
Exceptionally hard wearing
Bright highly opaque colours
UV stable
Easy to apply by spray, roller o
r brush
Good adhesion to most surfaces Not cause bitumen bleed
Range of bright colours
Safer clean up using water & mild detergents
Colours Available:
White / Yellow / Red / Blue / Green / Black