Trakmark - FG

  • Full Gloss Water based Kerb Marking Enamel
A versatile, fast drying, solvent-free, water thinnable glossy kerb marking enamel. It is environment friendly as it is based on a acrylic resin system
TRAKMARK - FG is formulated for line marking on all outdoor traffic kerbs
It gives better gloss as compare to synthetic enamel
It requires no thinner to thin the paint, only water is required Dries within 10 min unlike synthetic enamel which takes 60 min minimum to dry.
Recommended Film Thickness : 0.150 mm (wet)
Coverage : Approx. 6m2 / litre
Specific Gravity (SG) : 1.05
Application Temp. : Minimum 10oC
Application Humidity : Maximum 85%
Drying Time @25oC : 5-10 min(touch dry)
Air and surface temperature should be above 10 C.
Humidity prolongs drying time so ensure that it is not more than 85%.
Do not apply when the temperature is falling or rain is imminent.
TRAKMARK - FG is suitable for application by airless spray, roller or brush.
Stir well before use.
Using airless spray equipment, use spray tips and between 2000 and 2500 psi (138 to 172 bar) pressure.
One coat at the recommended wet film thickness should be sufficient under normal conditions, depending on the texture of the surface.
Equipment can be cleaned using clean tap water and detergent if necessary.
Not normally necessary but TRAKMARK -FG can be cleaned using a brush and detergent solution.
"TRAKMARK - FG is supplied in 4, 20 ltr resealable containers."
"Store in a dry, well-ventilated place.Protect from frost."
TRAKMARK - FG will be unuseable if it has been allowed to freeze.
The recommended storage temperature is 27°C. Shelf life is 12 months under normal conditions.
Colours Available:
White / Yellow / Red / Blue / Green / Black