Road & Highway Markings

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Lane markings are essential to assist, inform, control and guide the road users for maintaining lane discipline, directions, warnings etc. in all weather and natural light conditions. Our range of Road Marking products are specially designed keeping in mind the stringent requirements within and outside India. Though Thermoplastic is the most commonly used product, we also bring you new technology reccomendations.

Continuous and Broken Lines

Continuous and Broken Lines on Asphalt and Concrete Road Surfaces for separating and streamlining change of traffic lanes. Our range of solutions are categorised into Thermoplastic or 2 Component Cold Plastic. While thermoplastic is the most common and popular choice,we recommend Cold Plastic as well which provides higher durability.

Junction Marking and Zebra Crossing

To ensure pedestrians can safely navigate through busy intersections Junction markings are important. Zebra Crossings with our Thermoplastic is commonly seen on roads. However, with the new guidelines and need for early warning, Red and White coloured pedestrian crossings can be made with our 2 Component Cold Plastic for enhanced durability and safety


Our best in class Thermoplastics and innovative 2 Component cold plastics can be used to provide Arrow Signs which can easily navigate traffic in the right direction even under low natural light conditions, due to its enhanced retroreflective features.

Chevrons & Truck Lay Bays

The inverted "V" letter markings used to ensure a smooth divergence or convergence of traffic are mostly done with our high reflective thermoplastic products. Now with our 2 component cold plastic material, these signages can be highlighted with cautionary colours as well. Essential on highways, truck lay bay or truck stop indicates a spot for truck to park. In the absence of proper road marking, these can be hazardous for oncoming traffic. A solution can be provided with our range of thermoplastics and 2 component cold plastics.

Letters & Horizontal Signages

Letters and horizontal signs convey information about the further conditions on the road like speed limits, traffic warnings etc. Two variants for these markings are 2 Component cold plastic and the Preformed Thermoplastic, which is highly reflective at night and adhesive.

Toll Plaza Markings

A traffic calming measure that warns a driver to slow down by giving audible vibrations and high reflectivity. Our thermoplastic and 2 Component cold plastic solutions can provide high reflectivity and durability under the sudden braking and heavy traffic volumes. These markings along with horizontal speed limit signages are immensely helpful on Expressways for Concessioners to slow down traffic before toll plazas.

Construction Zone Marking

Construction zone markings highligthed with our bright and reflective water based paints can be used as temporary markings to inform drivers about ongoing construction ahead.

Audible Vibratory Lines

Audible Vibrator Markings provide auditory, vibratory and enhanced visibility especially during wet weathers on account of their unique shape because of our special formulations. These unique shapes, cause a vibratory feel and rumbling acoustic effect when vehicle passes over it, thereby breaking monotony of drive and warning the drivers. Popular forms of Audible Vibratory Markings are : Rib, Agglomerate and Dot Patterns.

Speed Reduction Measures on Highways

Informing the drivers on the speed limit on roads, speed reduction measures ensure safety on roads and smooth traffic flow. These special Rumble Markings are more durable than the traditional speed breakers, without causing disbalancing or sudden jerking to the road users

Kerb Painting

Water based kerb paints in Matt and Gloss finish providing higher durability and preventing chipping as seen in solvent based kerb marking paints are highly effective to identify kerbs. Now also available in higher reflective options which can replace reflective tapes, that easily peel off.

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